Saturday, September 26, 2015

Almost ready to rig...

Top wings temporarily fitted so I can get an idea of size.  photo 20150921_205047_resized_1.jpg  photo 20150921_210046_resized.jpg

Nearing completion...

 photo 20150913_183826_resized_1.jpg  photo 20150919_183803_resized.jpg Machine gun is from Gaspatch Models. Rib details and washes in place.  photo 20150921_203253_resized.jpg

Roland C.II

Been plugging away on this WNW kit for the past couple of months. Figures are from Wings Cockpit, sculpted by Steve Warrilow.  photo 20150625_202144_resized.jpg

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Monday, April 6, 2015

Aviattic Lozenge...

A couple of pics at the workbench showing off Aviattic's wonderful lozenge.  photo 20150406_102803_resized.jpg  photo 20150405_211232_resized.jpg


Tail is in place but still needs another wash or two with Indigo oil paint, followed by a spray of glosscote, to match the fuselage. I am using GasPatch turnbuckles for the first time and you can see one of the first four I have in place.  photo 20150405_212518_resized.jpg

Slow and Steady

More progress...slowly but surely...  photo 20150404_152615_resized.jpg