Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fuel Cart Crew

Started some preliminary work on the fuel cart crew from Aviattic. Some assembly completed and putty added where the upper and lower torsos come together on the first figure. It looks like a small swipe of filler will be necessary at the arm joins, but that is pretty standard. Clean up of seam lines was a breeze. Both heads and the reaching arm of the second figure are just held in place with blue tack for these pics. Final placement of the heads, arms, and fuel hose will not happen until it starts to come together at the end of the entire build. The set comes with three heads giving you a few options for the figures. A very nice set sculpted by Steve Warrilow...who also sculpted the pilot in the cockpit.  photo 20140806_162112_resized.jpg  photo 20140806_162220_resized.jpg

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